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Hello and thank you for visiting Trees for America’s Troops’ web-site!

Our mission is to send joy to U.S. troops serving overseas who can’t be home for the holidays.  We want to let our soldiers, especially those serving in war zones,  know that they are not forgotten.  We provide Christmas trees and other items that will help them during their deployment, especially during the holiday season.

On November 9, 10 & 11, 2017, Maxwell Hall at Memorial United Methodist Church in Fernandina Beach, FL, was transformed into a Christmas workshop.  

Each year we collect and send trees and Christmas stockings filled with food, snacks, candy, puzzle books and personal care items, etc., along with hundreds of hand-signed Christmas/holiday cards to our soldiers.  

Gifts are also sent for the warrior dogs.

In 2017 the Trees for America's Troops event included over 120 24" lighted, decorated Christmas trees, more than 400 filled Christmas stockings, strings of lights, etc., and over 450 cards for our deployed and hospitalized troops overseas. These items were shared among - and brought joy to - approximately 800 soldiers.  Fifty stockings were filled with toys for their bomb-sniffing warrior dogs. 

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Judi Mixon Brown, President 
Trees for America’s Troops, Inc. 

Photos From 2015 Donation Day 

2015-11-14 D Day

Photos From 2014 Donation Day

2014-11-01Donation Day Selected

Boots on the Ground Display 

 A Boots on the Ground display is an important part of our Trees for America's Troops event.

Each year boots that had been worn in combat in the Middle East are displayed on the front steps of Memorial United Methodist Church. 

Clipped to each boot is a small United States flag and a color photograph of a soldier who died in combat in the Middle East, along with the soldier's name, age, rank, hometown and the operation in which they served. 

Adults and children alike stop and take a  moment to pay tribute to the men and women who sacrificed their lives for our country.

Trees for America's Troops Donation Days, November 9, 10 & 11, 2017

Plans are already underway for Donation Days, 2018,  when we truly show our Support for Our Troops.  
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Special Thanks

Thanks, first and foremost, to our American Military, wherever they may be serving throughout the world.

We also remember and pay tribute to all veterans that have served our country.  

We are grateful to Memorial United Methodist Church for hosting our annual event. 

Thank you especially to all of our supporters.

A Special Tribute to Kelly J. Mixon, of Nassau County, FL, who made the ultimate sacrifice and whose death in Afghanistan in 2010 was the inspiration for Trees for America's Troops.

      Our hearts still ache with sadness,
             the silent tears still flow.            
         How much it hurt to lose you,
              no one will ever know.

Support Our Troops

We Need Your Help

 to Support Our Troops

America owes a great deal of gratitude to our troops. Many serve in places far away from home and often in Harm's Way. There are several ways you can be a part of our mission:

Financial Donations 

Trees for America’s Troops is an all volunteer activity but we do have financial expenses, primarily shipping supplies and postage.   IN 2017 WE SHIPPED 1,526 POUNDS OF CHRISTMAS CHEER AT A COST OF $2,609. 

Your tax-deductible donation of any amount can be made by check or online at any time of the year. Please click onto "Testimonials" above to see how much your gifts are appreciated.

Click to find out more about Financial Donations. 

Suggested Donation Items 

Trees for America’s Troops has set a goal of sending 150 decorated Christmas trees to our troops in 2018.  In addition to the trees, our mission includes sending as many “Care” stockings, hand-signed holiday cards and packages as possible. 

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Volunteers are Needed

The officers and a few friends volunteer their time throughout the year in the planning and logistics for Trees for America’s Troops.  

Volunteers of all ages are always needed and welcome.  In 2017, over 130 adults, teens and children spent 2 1/2 days "working" on this event.

If you want to be a part of this important and “giving” mission, you can be a volunteer in many different ways.  

We need volunteers to help spread the word, receive donations, decorate trees, stuff stockings, organize and pack, etc.

Kids can help, too!  We have special Christmas coloring sheets for children, along with an area where they can make simple tree ornaments.

Any amount of time you, your family and friends can give will be greatly appreciated.