Business & Merchant Donations

Businesses can help Trees for America's Troops in many ways and in doing so they can show to the families and friends of our troops that they support our troops.

First, by a financial donation to help with us with printing, postage and supplies. This is no small expense and we need financial donations to help with these costs. CLICK HERE for more information on making a financial donation.

Second, as a business, you might consider donating overstock and clearance items that could be useful to our troops. That would be everything from candy to nail clippers and a lot more. CLICK HERE for a partial list of Donation Suggestions. Trees for America's Troops  will work with you to take these items off your hands at any time throughout the year. Any items donated will be included in our care packages. 

In recognition of your business donation, Trees for America's Troops will list you as a supporter on our website.  By doing so, you will be known to our deployed troops' families and friends, as well the community, as a business that supports our troops. 

If you wish, your company's name will be included in a public "thank you" in press releases.

Please keep Trees for America's Troops in mind. We can arrange for pick up of items that you want to donate. Simply call John at (904) 330-4679.

Trees for America's Troops is approved by the IRS as a 501 (C ) 3 Non-Profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.