Trees for America’s Troops, Inc. is committed to serving our troops as they serve our Country far from home.  It is important that we let every soldier, marine, sailor and airman know that they are not forgotten.

Our Mission is to provide our military with Christmas trees and essential items that will help them during their deployment. We are committed to providing servicemen and servicewomen with items that will help them overcome the drudgery and hardship of far away duty.

The holiday season is especially hard and much of our focus is on providing Christmas Trees, ornaments and items to help them in their day to day lives.

But to accomplish this mission, we are dependent upon our supporters and volunteers. Each of us can give something. Please take the time to review our website, especially the list of “Donation Suggestions”.

In a way this mission is not just that of Trees for America’s Troops, Inc., but that of all Patriots.